Crisis Response

The Crisis Response Center is a landmark of our work which provides emergency and crisis intervention to victims of sexual violence and their families. The center manages 24 hour confidential helplines, has Victim Advocates who ensure that the victims and their families get optimum care right from the moment of reporting and their human rights protected during investigation, litigation working in partnership with professionals in the criminal justice sector and other relevant stakeholders. The Center facilitates access to emergency contraceptives to guard against unwanted pregnancy, prophylactics against Hepatitis B and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and access to other medical treatment. Also the Center offers HIV Counseling and Testing and provides Post Emergency Prophylaxis (PEP) a combination of Anti Retro-viral drugs that prevents HIV infection when accessed within 72 hours of exposure through sexual violence. Also, the center offers mental health / stress assessment and treatment, trauma manageable counseling & therapy as well as psychosocial support. The center is involved in capacity building of partners and related stakeholders. In addition, its in the fore on advocacy for a sustainable response.